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Pinnacle’s Primary Care is Integrative Health Care...

Pinnacle’s Primary Care is

Integrative Health Care where the emphasis is on you as a whole person (mind, body and soul) not just a specific health problem.

What is Pinnacle Primary Care?


We offer Private Primary Care that is 100% mobile. We come to you. Our Mobile Care Clinic is fully equipped with state-of-the-art, real-time diagnostics that allows your doctor to conduct exams from afar via a virtual visit or an in-person house call. Your health care is personalized and preventative in nature.

Included in your membership is an exceptional Clinical Care Team to assist in holistic and integrated care, ensuring a superior patient-care experience.


Designed to focus on your health and wellness goals, Pinnacle puts you in charge of your health by providing unparalleled communication and convenience, it is your day-to-day health care you may rely upon.


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