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Private Care   

Pinnacle’s Care Management is a comprehensive, ongoing and holistic plan of care between You, your designated loved-ones, your Pinnacle Primary Care Physician, the Pinnacle Clinical Care Team and collaborating physicians and health care team members that represents Your values, treatment preferences, and health care goals. Best of all, Care Management is included with every Primary Care membership.

Private Care

Our Care Management Services are a comprehensive suite of services which help our patients achieve their health and wellness goals, individually and for the whole family. We help you navigate the complex list of options in caring for your health, and serve as the liaison between you, your care team, and your Primary Care Physician and Specialty providers. 


Through proactively communicating and advocating, fervently assessing, tracking, and measuring, streamlining your medications and supplement, we orchestrate comprehensive health care services, in accordance with your goals, you achieve true health. 

Care Management Services



Care Planning &
Treatment Planning

Care management is the practical application of your health care goals and treatments discussed with your Primary Care Physician. It is where the “rubber meets the road”. Your Advanced Practice Nurse Care Manager works with You, your desired loved ones,  Primary Care Physician, Clinical Care Team, Collaborative Physicians to devise a rich care and treatment plan with your desired pinpoint destinations.


Patient Advocacy & Education

Dispensing with all the medical lingo, Your Nurse Care Manager provides you with the relevant information, processes, care and treatment options, along with available resources for short-term and long-term goals. Your Nurse Care Manager collaborates with your Primary Care Physician, Clinical Care Team and Specialty Physicians, advocating for You. This process ensures the best possible outcomes, putting you in control of your health.


Orchestration of Care
& Treatments

Your Nurse Care Manager engages with all relevant Physicians, Care Team Members, and Collaborative Treatment Providers ensuring smooth, point-to-point transitioning for all assessments, diagnostics, cares and treatments, ensuring seamless deployment of health care teams and resources.  This process yields the highest-quality, most effective, optimal clinical outcomes for You and your loved-ones, helping you attain your goals.

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